Yippee its peanut butter day!

Grooming Day

So this is how it happens in our house on PB Day, otherwise known as Grooming day.

It is as calm as it can be at 5:30 am as we gulp down our coffee and prepare for the ‘event’. Rugs to be moved, walks to be taken, breakfast is eaten. Finally the area is prepared!

Grooming Day

And then the clues start registering in Caymans mind, “HEY WHY ARE YOU PUTTING MY FENCE UP?”. And “MAMA, WHERE IS THE RUG GOING?”.  And slowly you can see, almost feel, the change in Cayman as he figures it out.

By 7:00 am we are pretty much ready a last check in the cupboard to make sure the Peanut Butter is in abundance, yep we’re set!

7:10 am Cay’s safely in his pen and as if on cue the doorbell rings. Okay everyone here we go!

Our groomer Angella enters, and it only takes Cay milliseconds to have it register. ANGELLA’S HERE? ITS P.B. DAY!!!! He is eager to have me carefully pick him up and place him on the grooming table. This is only because he knows the feast that awaits him.

Grooming Day

Cayman is very focused as you can tell in these photos on the spoon ahead of him. In all the years he has been groomed this way he hasn’t had a problem with his back. Prior to Angella, and the magic of P.B. he never had a grooming without having an injury to his back. These 2 things working together have made it possible to cut nails, clip fur, and “other” grooming necessities.

Grooming Day

Wha? Do I have something on me?

Grooming Day

Angella can lift his back leg and he doesn’t arch his back. This would be a huge problem without his intense focus on P.B.

Grooming Day

She can touch his inner thigh, stomach, and comb his tail. And although he is aware he is mostly unaffected by her manipulations.

Grooming Day

A little off the ears. Yep still focused!

Grooming Day

Here Angella is finishing up. Look how focused she is as well… hmm dreaming of a P.B. sandwich for lunch perhaps?

Grooming Day

A good shake to get off all those little hairs!

Grooming Day

A good long drink to wash down the Peanut Butter.



I couldn’t do this without a patient groomer named Angella, who owns and operates Groomer2go.com here on Vancouver Island. It took a lot of failed attempts to find the right groomer to fit not only Cayman’s needs but also mine as well. If you have a special needs animal consider having a groomer that will come to you, rather than further stressing the animal by driving to the groomer. It should be a positive experience for you, your pet, and your groomer!

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