BC Day Weekend!

At last the August long weekend on the West Coast! It was a hot, sunny, beautiful weekend! Everyone had fun including yours truly, Cayman!

Its Family Day Weekend!

Cayman enjoying the cool morning air!

Saturday was hot, hitting over 34 Celsius. To top it off, our terrace is south-facing with concrete tiles. Out on the terrace mid-day it hit 55 Celsius on the thermometer which was way too hot for 4 little paws. So Cayman just stayed inside chillin until it got a little cooler later in the day.

BC Day weekend

Then it was off to the Grand dogs! Cayman always gives a 4 paws up when he goes to Grand dogs place! And this time did not disappoint, as always he got the royal treatment!

BC Day weekend

Then came an activity that always gets Caymans undivided attention! Food prep day! He was giving advice here on how much to fill the food containers. He feels they should be full, not half full! Really?

BC Day weekend

Cayman thought he could help with clean up while nobody’s looking!

BC Day weekend

Lots more outings were on the agenda. For Cayman picking the perfect spot is always a tough decision!

BC Day weekend

Here is Cayman at the waterfront, giving his best indifferent look. Whats really going on here is, “Hey… did anyone see where that guy with the food went?”.

BC Day weekend

Then it was off to the fish market… um,um Cayman loves fish!

BC Day weekend

Lots of meet and greets, some with treats!

BC Day weekend

Then back home for a Little R & R! Ah, what a great long weekend!

We hope everyone had a great weekend? Drop a comment and tell us how yours was!

Coming soon, the Art Walk Tour here in Sidney! Watch for this upcoming post and have Cayman starring as your Sidney By the Sea TOUR GUIDE DOG!

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