Best in the Car Show? Cayman!

This past weekend I realized with pride, just how far the Little Red Dog has come in his behaviour regarding outside adventures. Cayman interacted with people, dogs, and lots of activity with ease. Not to mention, the many tires he could have raised a leg on! But oh no, not this time! His exemplary behaviour was recognized by many at the show, and Cayman lapped it up. In hindsight, I realized just how far Cayman has come to be able to focus on me, and hand signals with so many other distractions. And I don’t mind saying, I took a moment to bask in the glory of this seemingly small milestone we had achieved together! All I can say is this, “Well done, little buddy, well done!”.

Car Show


Momma had heard that there was a big car show coming to town. It was all the talk around town, and no dog loves cars more than I do! So I wanted, no I needed to go. I would for weeks beforehand, be on my best behaviour. I would show momma that I could be trusted, that I can keep my excitement under control. And I’ll promise not to bark at the top of my lungs (I only do this because I can’t hear myself). I’ll try hard to follow your hand signs, please momma just take me to the Car Show!

Yahoo, it worked! Here’s me at the Car Show!

Car Show

Cars line the main street, and side streets for 3 blocks

Car Show

Hey does anyone else smell Hamburger?

Car Show

Does this light make my ear look too big?

Car Show

Hey dad that’s a Duzy! Hee hee, I swear I’m the funniest dog here!

Car ShowHuh? What was that? I have pipes where?

Car Show

Nope, I’m not going to even look at that tire!

Car Show

Pumpkin… umm I love pumpkin!

Car Show

Cool! How do I get one of these hood ornaments made of me?

Car Show

Can you guess why this was my favourite?

That wrapped up my adventure at the Car Show for this year. But I know that mamma will trust me next year! Who knows maybe next year that yummy cheese truck might be full!

Do you have adventures with your dog as well? Drop the Little Red Dog a comment and tell us about them. We would love to hear from you!

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