my girl, Sandi

Sandi looking into camera

Sandi, my BEAUTIFUL girl

It has been two years today since you passed. Even now, I miss you so much that I that feel my heart will never heal.


I will miss you today, tomorrow, …  always

SANDI DECEMBER 10, 1995 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

Best FriendsLove forever,

5 thoughts on “my girl, Sandi

    • Thank you Bosun for your kind words, she is missed. She has such a large part of my heart. I didn’t realize how hard this post was going to be for me. It took 2 1/2 weeks to slowly place the pictures of her, and through tears write the few words that I managed to write. Grief is such a difficult emotion…


  1. Sandi was the best dog ever. I miss her very much. Jess, we were all so lucky to have her in our lives.
    Rest now. And when you are rested, run like a puppy with your healthy body and perfect joints. ❤


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