Caymans Kong Toy for big pups!

Cayman wanted to update you about his newest Kong Toy, and has it been a BIG HIT! So its time to again place paws to keyboard, and tell you about his adventure.

These wonderful food toys are perfect in Caymans world. Once he understood the toy/food concept, boy, was he good to go!  There isn’t much that can break his concentration once he has started, perhaps not even the camera? He spends so much time playing with his Kong that even when its empty it keeps him entertained!

it was love at first bite!

Caymans Kong Toy 1

cayman assessing his prey…

Caymans Kong Toy 2

hmmm…whats this? OMG, i smell foooood!!!

Caymans Kong Toy 3

come out…come out…WHEREVER you are!

Caymans Kong Toy 4

stare-down? hmmm… yes, maybe intimidation will work!

Caymans Kong Toy 5

okay cayman… it’s just a camera!

Caymans Kong Toy 6

Spring is almost here on the West Coast! Of course with that Caymans sniffer is in warp speed with the smell of new plants, dirt, and other lingering pup friends that have passed by! We’re ready…  the camera is fired up in action mode, and now all we need is for the sun to peek through the grey clouds! Bring on SPRING!

To get through the next few weeks of greyness I have a question:

Do you have any other ideas for food toys that keep your pups entertained inside? Cayman is all ears for any food ideas, and so is his Mama!

5 thoughts on “Caymans Kong Toy for big pups!

  1. Kongs are the best ever! Those toys have saved my sanity many times. Cayman seems to love his giant kong. It’s funny because Grimm prefers the tiny one I have (from when he was a puppy–it was really even too small for him then) because when the other dogs come to see what he has, he can put the whole thing in his mouth and play dumb. I’m afraid he’ll swallow it whole, but so far he hasn’t.

    As always, Cayman looks adorable!


    • Yes, they are the best toys aren’t they! Your comment paints a very funny picture for me! I can just see Grimm with a puffed out cheek just waiting for the other pup to walk past! He is the cutest pup!!! When Cay was little (r) he had a tiny little Kong, gosh it was so cute to see him carrying it around! Ahhh… the puppy years!


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