Holy…what is it about Cayman and food??

Gad Zooks!

Cayman is assessing his chances of grabbing the goods and running… gotta say the chances are greatly in his favour given my age, and his motivation!

Gad Zooks!

He casually glances at the teaser on the other side. He is I’m sure figuring out if he can reach his lips through the wire just right, wrap around just so, manoeuvre to the right just a little…then that dainty morsel will be his!!!!!!

Gad Zooks!

And here is the pro in action!!! He goes in….

Gad Zooks!

And voila, like a contortionist! Honestly! HOW does he fit his lower jaw into the places he does! Gadzooks Cayman! It’s just lettuce!

The battle continues….Cayman 36, Momma 2

3 thoughts on “Gadzooks…Cayman!

  1. But how can you get angry at his sweet little face? Even when he is being a devil, he looks like a little angel! I think it is the funniest thing that he likes lettuce–are you sure you don’t have a bunny who decided to disguise himself as a dog? I feel your pain…but multiplied by four. So my stats would be: me=8, dogs=144 (although in reality, it’s probably more like 1,440).


    • I do get quite a chuckle from his obsession with food! I have tried many times to try to figure out what causes this complete tunnel vision with anything that he gets in his mind is a tasty tidbit. That of course can be food, grass, sticks, leaves, or one of his very favorite things… I believe they are called Maple Keys. They are the seed pod from big Maple trees, and when they landed by the hundreds onto our deck Cayman had such great fun! The trouble is the seed end has little spikes all over it. In a soft mouth you can imagine the head shaking! Didn’t stop him though, he stills eats every one he finds! Eat, head shake, eat, head shake….I try to pick up as many as I can but Cayman can still find them! How do you do it with four! You must have the patience of a Saint!


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