Too hot for little paws…

Last summer I recall with all too much clarity one day in particular going out in bare feet on the terrace and burning the bottom of my feet on the concrete it was so hot. It was that day we decided that we needed a plan for this coming summer. And so started another project! To lay down rubberized tiles over the whole terrace…


It started simply enough… my husband and I made our “first” trip to Home Depot to buy 2ftx2ft squares. About 60 of them made their way to our deck. After being placed this covered about 1/3 of the space. My husband and I looked at the work with pride, then realized …hmmm maybe black isn’t such a good idea. So back to Home Depot to see if we could maybe purchase a lighter color to alternate the tiles. Pat discovered they had smaller rubberized tiles of brown, and black. I must admit I was a bit reluctant to take up the tiles already in place. However I gave way when we placed them on the floor, and they looked great! So with 120 new rubberized tiles, and 2 large Maple trees (at prices I couldn’t say no to) we setup delivery for 2 hours later. Rushing home we quickly took up the 2×2 tiles and stowed them in the Jeep to return later. Then the delivery, and that’s when the real fun started…

To hot for little pads

We managed to manoeuvre… 1 small main door, 1 small elevator, 3 small hallways, through our condo, over a 6″ raised balcony door opening. And we managed all this with only a few minor repairs required!

To hot for little pads

Lucky Cayman was more interested in the lettuce than the trees!

To hot for little pads

It was a tight squeeze at times, but Cay managed to eat from every pot!

To hot for little pads

And so started the project… again

To hot for little pads

Yep…still not interested in anything other than the lettuce! That’s my boy!

To hot for little pads

He still hates having his picture taken! Hence the “mad” face.

To hot for little pads

Cayman helps with the placement. “Thats it bit to the right”.

To hot for little pads

Cay? Where are you?

To hot for little pads

Not quite done but it will take another weekend to complete but this is it so far facing West…

To hot for little pads

and facing East …

I am so curious to know if this will cut down on the heat on the concrete this summer. Hopefully Cay can go out more often during the day. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

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