A meeting by chance!

Cayman & I had a wonderful surprise tonight! We, totally by chance met Caymans 1/2 sister Molly! Molly is 10 yrs old and Cayman is 12. Their fur-dad was Wyatt… how fun is that! She’s sure a cutie! She’s deaf just like our Cay, has the weird leg vibration, and ‘talks’ like Cay.

Cayman and Molly

There was no mistaking this was one of Caymans siblings, gosh it was like seein’ double! We have a date set for next week to see Molly! Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “A meeting by chance!

    • It went really well! They sniffed quite a bit…then they were like they had been together always. Honestly, it was really strange to see Cayman be anything other than indifferent to another dog. But he was following Molly around seeing what she was looking at! Maybe he was just trying to see if she found any scraps that he had missed! Now that sounds more like my little buddy!


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