Organize Your Space – Inks, Stickles, and more

Tim Holtz Distress Ink

Tim Holtz Distress Inks, you can never have too many!

Okay so here we go, let’s get organized!
Step One: Get everything out where you can see it

First and foremost is getting your stash out in the open. There are probably things in your stash that you don’t even remember buying! You know, that great deal on that “perfect” ink pad that you might use one day! Only to have it get shoved into the back of your drawer to never see the light of your craft desk again. Well, lets dust that ink pad off and use it! Get it all out in front of you, that way you can really see what you have. At this point you may want to check for doubles, re-ink dry pads, or donate items you no longer use. This is a perfect opportunity to really hone in on the things you love and could perhaps repurpose.

What I found was I would be working on a project, say for example a card. I would spend a great deal of time getting all of the colours balanced perfectly on the card and would get to the sentiment. Rather than using that perfect colour that balances the card, I would settle for black…yet again! This was for no other reason other than just not knowing what wonderful, perfect colours were in my stash! I got frustrated by my lack of knowledge and decided to take control! So here’s what I’ve done…

Step Two: Print off blank colour charts

I printed off, and in some cases, made blank charts myself. These I’ll make available for you in this post. Also, on my Pinterest board Hobby – Craft Organization there are more variations so if you don’t see what you need here you can check out my board. These little charts are a handy item to have when you’re crafting! They are a go-to for me now every time I am in need of coloured ink. Also having these charts shows the subtle difference of colour between brands, or palette. So to get you started here are the charts that I found, or made.

Step 3: Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Use the recently dusted off, perhaps brand new (again) colours of your stash! Hey you never know it just maybe that perfect colour you were looking for!

So here is a picture of the charts that I completed. I have them in a binder located right next to my desk. One quick flip, and I now can see exactly what I have in my stash to coordinate perfectly with my designs!

My completed Colour Charts

If you would like to check out my Pinterest Board HOBBY – Craft Organization the link is below. I’ll defiantly be adding to this board as I find great ideas, so you can follow it if you like to see what I find. There are so many ways to get organized in all aspects of crafting, from small embellishments, markers, & ribbon, up to larger projects like paper storage or fabrics! I’m sure I’ll be organizing my stash for some time! And don’t forget being organized in your craft space means more time to do what you love… crafting!

So until next time… Happy Crafting!

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