Back from Hawaii!


Back to the routine!

The Big Island, what a fantastic holiday!

I was gone for just about a month to my favourite vacation spot, The Big Island Hawaii! It was so nice to relax with family, and friends. The weather? What can I say except the sun was fantastic!

I thought that I would share a few of the better pictures I managed to take.

Here is a group of pictures from Black Sand Beach, and a shot I took of the volcano at night. It was such a great day!


The Big Island, Hawaii


So in this group of pictures you can see (hopefully) that I just missed a breaching humpback! This shot of the Texas Longhorn I was really happy to get. I have been trying for a number of years for this shot, but every time the light was right the Longhorn was gone from the enclosure. Not this time, it was my lucky year! And of course, an amazing sunset picture!


The Big Island, Hawaii


Our friends, Sandra & Kari spent two wonderful weeks with us at the condo. This Buddhist Temple was the place Sandra really wanted to see while on the island, so off we went! It was truly a beautiful, peaceful, spiritual place to be. The wonderful part of travel is experiencing life outside of what you normally would do. This was one of those beautiful places that I won’t soon forget…


The Big Island, Hawaii Buddhist Temple


The best part of going to Hawaii, is that we do this with my sister Erin, and brother-in-law Al. Life is so busy that even though I see Erin, we don’t get to just hangout together! Hawaii enables us to rest, and spend quality time with my favourite people…  talking, laughing, and having fun! So thank you, Erin, Al, Pat, Sandra, and Kari for memories that will last a lifetime. Mom, and Dad thank you for taking such great care of our little pup, Cayman. We could  enjoy our vacation knowing he was taken care of, and loved.

I hope you too, have had a break from the cold weather.

Until next time here’s wishing you sunshine,

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