Organize Your Space – Metal Die Storage

Metal Die Storage

This week I am going to talk about Metal Die storage. It can be challenging to find a solution that works. Now that I have found a solution that works for me I’m saving time, and having a lot less “Now, where did I put that” feeling! In this segment I will share with you how I did my Metal Die organization, and the supplies I used.

plastic container main pic die storage

I had this plastic card holder container that I had purchased from Michaels to hold my completed cards. This was a spare I had on hand, and it seemed to be the perfect size (10 1/4 w x 8 1/2 d x 7 1/2 h).

magnetic sheets 

Next I went on a mission to find magnetic sheets. This turned out to be not quite as easy an exercise as I initially thought. All I could find where rolled like the one on the mirror behind my door. I decided against this as I knew it would be difficult to cut and adhere with any accuracy. I had checked all of the craft, home, and hardware stores which had nothing that would suit my needs. I had resigned myself to purchase online knowing the weight of these magnetic sheets could greatly affect shipping costs. Surprisingly, I had to look no further than a Dollar Store here in town! They had available in the craft section these Magnetic sheets. I find they are a perfect size (5 x 8) for the Card container, and fit my Metal Dies perfectly.


Next item I needed was good heavy card stock to adhere the magnet. I wanted the magnets backed so the sheets wouldn’t stick together when in the case. I found this solution at a local art store here in town. The great thing about this was that I asked if the 2 large sheets of card stock could be cut into 28 (5 x 8) pieces, and they did this for only 2 dollars more!

adhere magnet to cardstock

The knowledgeable staff at the art store also gave me a great tip on how to apply the adhesive to the card stock. She suggested that I line the bottom card stock up against a sturdy wall. Then set the second piece with the adhesive exposed above the cardstock angled towards the wall at the back. Using the wall to lineup the adhesive and the card stock you can slowly drop the top to the bottom. It turned out straight, and lined up beautifully every time! The picture above shows the positioning. I left the paper on the adhesive side just to show up more in the picture.

adhered together stack

When your done this step this is what the stack should somewhat look like.

my dies on sheets

I organized my Metal Dies by Spellbinders, Special Holidays, and Mixed on the now completed magnetic sheets.

completed stack ready to file

This is my completed stack of organized Metal Dies just waiting to be filed!


I then moved to labelling the plastic dividers.

magnetic sheets filed in plastic container

Inserted my dividers, and Magnetic sheets… and another project done!

These are pictures of my Metal Die storage behind my door. The one on the left is messy, and outta control! I had no more room for dies, and was storing them wherever I could. Which meant, of course, that I could never find what I was looking for! The righthand picture shows my door now that it has been cleaned up, and organized. I decided to leave one die from each set displayed so I could visually see what dies I have available for my next card project.

I hope this helped by giving you some idea of what to do with your Metal Die storage. Tell me about your storage idea. What works, or doesn’t work for you.

Wishing you Sunshine filled days,

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5 thoughts on “Organize Your Space – Metal Die Storage

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  2. I love your idea and am considering moving mine over to your way of thinking. I currently use the mag sheets inside the plastic CD cases. They seem to work fine except when I want to travel with them ( which is my problem with most of my storage solutions) however the door storage has intrigued me. Did you use a roll of mag sheet and frame it? Curious how you did that.
    Just found your blog this evening and it looks like I will be spending some time here tonight 🙂


    • Hi Beth, and thank you. I really wanted to find an easy solution for my die. I have tried a few different storage techniques, and nothing seemed to really work well for me until I hit on this system. I have used this container many times since implementing it, and I find it really works! I can flip through them easily, they don’t stick together, it travels well, and I can see what I have. Win, win! As for my door storage, I used a mirror in a frame that you can mount on a door. I purchased the magnetic rolls from Michaels, I think I used 2. Then I measured, and cut with scissors. Be sure to adhere slowly though, as it is really sticky! If you have any other questions just ask, and thank you for spending time here tonight! I hope to see you again! 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your idea and the how to. I will be doing this, this weekend!
    I cant WAIT!!!! Hugs, Vicky


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