Organize Your Space – Rick Rack

Rick Rack Storage

Welcome to ‘Organize your space’. For this segment I am going to show you how I organize, and store my Rick Rack. I love using this material as an embellishment on my cards. The colours are beautiful, and the curves of Rick Rack can add movement for your eye to follow in your card design. As I have mentioned previously my craft space is limited, and by limited I mean small 🙂 I need to use all the available space I have, and sometimes this means using creative ways to achieve the storage I need. I like to have things out where I can see them as I tend to use them more often. However, not so much as to have a cluttered feeling. Needless to say it is always somewhat of a balancing act in my craft space!

ric rac 2

First thing I did was to roundup all of my Rick Rack. I found I had been storing it in three different places. Because of this system I had bought duplicates of some colours simply because it wasn’t all in one spot! Another good reason to be better organized, I could have used this money to purchase something I didn’t already have!

ric rac 3

Next I found these adorable diaper pins at a fabric store while out shopping with my sister. I couldn’t believe how cute they are. Perfect for any craftroom!

ric rac 4

I lined the Rick Rack up on my table in the order that I wanted to hang them. For the most part I try to keep things organized by the rainbow colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

ric rac 5

Then I get my ADORABLE owl! Seriously how cute is this owl!!

ric rac 6

I clip them all together. One pin is for the smaller sized Rick Rack, and I used the second pin for the larger size. It looks so pretty grouped together like this.

ric rac 7

On my wall I hung a few general purpose, damage – free, hooks. Then hung the owls on the hook. Now its organized all in one place, and I can easily see what colours I have. It also utilizes a small space that was free on my wall, and adds a bit of interest in the way of colour.

So this is how I store my Rick Rack. Do you have a different store idea? Just drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear what works for you!

Until next time I wish you sunshine in your day,

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