Home Projects ~ building a grass potty for our pooch


This wonderful space we call home

Cayman's grass pad

This week I am going to talk about something a little different. Our home, and our little aging dog Cayman. Now normally I wouldn’t talk about this topic, but it has now found its way back into our home. What do you do about an aging dog that cannot hold it as long as he used to? Yes friends, that’s right, today I am talking about a dog’s potty space.


For those of you who haven’t yet met our wonderful little dog, this is Cayman. He is a 12-year-old Ruby Cavalier King Charles. True to his breed he is loved by all that meet him, and is just a lovely little dog! If you like you can learn more about Cayman here. You can also read about Cay’s rescue, and his history with us as his family here.

Okay, I have stalled long enough… let’s take a look at what I have learned (the good, and the not’s so good) in the way of Dog Potties!

Cayman's grass pad

First thing I did is what most of us do…turn to the internet for a bit of light reading on the subject! Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this was even possible given our home is a condo, and Cay is almost 13. Not to mention the ole’ saying about old dogs, and new tricks. Training an older dog to now go pee in what had been earlier classed as a forbidden spot to him seems somewhat confusing to me. However, my research assured me it is possible. So with plan “A” formulated, and armed with my trusty list of needed supplies we headed in the direction of Home Depot! We did 4 stops to places along the way that I though for sure would carry a pre-made dog potty setup, only to find I was skunked! Quickly we were realizing this might not be as easy as initially thought! We had to go straight to plan “B”. Heck, we can just make one. How hard can that be…right? 

So the pictures above pretty much tell the story! We were lucky enough to find a couple of really good-sized boot mats at Home Depot (approx. 3′ x 2′ each). After trying, and trying, to find Sod here on the West Coast we finally found a skid at Home Depot (yea!). However, this rolled Sod was definitely brown with just a hint of green shoots sticking out the sides. We carefully choose a roll from the middle of the pile thinking it had the best chance at retaining at least some water while it had been sitting there! One last stop to the garden centre for some soil, and we are good to go! Soooo we thought! Honestly we tried to save that grass, really we did! We lovingly watered it, for days, we encouraged it with positive thoughts ……. and then …… the smell started. Oh, that smell, you know the one I mean? That smell of rotting vegetation, pee-yew! It was like have a compost heap slowly cooking on our deck!

So we ditched that Sod idea, and moved to plan “C”…

grass pad 2

Here is our newly planted grass seed! It is now about 2 weeks old, and is lookin’ good! My husband, clever guy that he is, added to our water system to mist the seed/grass once a day. He also tends to growth, about an inch or so a day with shears (although he has made mention of a riding mower).

grass pad 3

Yesterday was the second application of seed, to try to get it thicker. And it was also noticed that perhaps drain holes were needed 🙂 so those were also added.

grass pad 4

A couple of more weeks and this Potty area should be good-to-go! Next step getting Cay to use it… not eat it! But that will have to be another post! I hope that you enjoyed this post, and found it helpful if you are thinking of setting up a Potty area for your pooch! Do you have a unique area for your furry friends? Drop me a comment and tell me about it, or anything else on your mind!

Until next time, I’m wishing you sunshine filled days!

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