Over The Garden Gate – Peas Please!

Last week in my garden I did a wee bit of cleanup by tackling my Pea-Tree! I must admit my Pea-Tree was getting a bit unruly!

Please excuse myself in this picture … it was done to show scale of my ‘tree’. This is the second year for this variety of pea (Snap Peas ~ Sugar Snap Vine by OSC), and it seems to do fantastic here on my south-facing deck. This year however, I decided to harvest a little earlier, and add a new batch of seeds (5) that my sister gave me.

This was last years Pea-Tree (same variety) just before harvest in early September. Again please excuse myself in this picture (not the greatest of pictures 😦  ). I do think this year was bigger, but I don’t think I had as many Peas.

I’m unsure of the name of this variety as they were gifted to Erin (my sister) from my brother. Regardless, here they are just shy of 2 weeks in, and growing strong! I do notice though that out of the 5, one was mowed down by slugs (yes, slugs are present on my deck), and one other so far is a no-show. This one though is showing real promise!

Off Topic… I thought I’d also show you a picture of my tomato called Gold Nugget. My tomatoes are doing so much better this year! Yay!

Thanks for stopping by,

Until next time, I’m wishing you nothing but sunshine in your garden!

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2 thoughts on “Over The Garden Gate – Peas Please!

  1. Your garden looks amazing. Love the peas. And your shed. Tomatoes. And you. Not everyone has you as a sister….so they want to see you!!


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