news from The Dog’s Den ~ It’s Play time!

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Hi, and welcome to news from The Dog’s Den! Cayman (the cutie of this segment) has much to share with you. These are pictures taken from the Dog Park near our hometown. I know normally this wouldn’t be too photo worthy EXCEPT this is the first time Cayman has been to a Dog Park in his 13 years! Taking him where he could further injure his back whether it was his own doing, or by an ill-behaved dog I just couldn’t risk it. However, on this beautiful sunny day we decided to throw caution to the wind! We loaded Cayman (crated, of course 🙂 ) into the Jeep, and we were off to the Dog Park! And I for one, was happy we did!

This was our arrival to the Dog Park. As you can see Cay is very interested with what is on the other side of the fence!

Here Cay is checkin’ in on his pee-Mail. He read every one that was left …

He also replied to each pee-Mail personally! Some required extensive scrutiny, and lengthy replies, we were patient though … after all, he did have 13 years worth of pee-mail to catch up on!

This is a shot looking the length of the park. It continues up the hill on the right, and to the left is the ocean. Bravo for the Town making this a Dog friendly park!

Of course, there were many meet and greets! Cay’s tail didn’t stop waggin’ the whole time!

There was quite a line-up for beverages! Cay watched to see what the proper protocol was for this queue…

but decided against a communal drinking bowl. He preferred a private handmade bowl instead!

Here is a final picture of Cay, and me. You can tell by the tongue he had an exciting, fun day. He, as well as us, can’t wait to go back! Cayman buddy, you rocked it today!

So until next time, I’m wishing you sunny days filled with new, and fun adventures!

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4 thoughts on “news from The Dog’s Den ~ It’s Play time!

  1. What a lovely touching post. The little man out for a day in the autumn sun and the smells!!! Beautiful. I want to come back as one of your pets.


  2. Hi Cayman, it takes such a long time to get parents trained. Happy to hear you enjoyed your new found friends.
    Love you and your perseverance. 🙂


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