news from The Dog’s Den ~ Happy 13th Birthday Cay!

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Hello thank you for stopping by news from The Dog’s Den! Cayman (a.k.a Punkin) celebrated his 13th birthday last week! We thought…. hmmm what Birthday-day would Cay ask for if he could tell us? Well, I can tell you food would defiantly be at the top of this little guy’s wish list. Maybe even second, and third as well!

Cayman’s breakfast consisted of Bacon, eggs, and toast! Perfectly cooked thanks to Dad! Just a small amount, but a special treat none the less!

Then it was off to the Dog Park! Cay had such a great time the last time at the Dog Park  that we decided he’d probably like to go again. And he sure did! There weren’t as many dogs this time … but there was a lot of pee-Mail to answer! Little dude had a great time again!

Next up for Cay’s Day was dinner! Pat (a.k.a Dad) really went all out! Steak, and fresh corn ummm! I really think this would be Cayman’s perfect dinner if he could talk, and he loved it!

Cay had a good helpin’ of dinner, but is it ever really enough?

Pat gave Cay even more of a treat. He held tight to the bone so Cay could have a good feast! We have learned the hard way, Cay will swallow rather than chew a bone so Pat really had to hang on!!!

Then a before bedtime snack Cay got a little ice cream! All is perfect in Cay’s world, and he had a great day! Then it was time for a nap with his lil’ buddy T-Bear!

Happy Birthday, my little Angel.

Until next time may all of your days be filled with Sunshine, and contentment!

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