Cross Stitch – Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine CrossStitch

Sewing Machine Cross Stitch

This year I started early on my Christmas presents. This allowed me the time to make my Mom a special, from the heart, gift. I also wanted to make this gift something that would be appropriate to her hobby. Mom has recently got back to sewing, something that she sadly has not been able to do for quite some time. I thought that this would be the perfect base for me to start to build on, and went about trying to find the perfect Cross Stitch pattern for her sewing room!

I picked a design that is actually a set of 4. This set comprises of a sewing machine (my choice), thimble, scissors, and an iron. I decided for Mom’s gift this sewing machine would be perfect!

CrossStitch Sewing Machine

I started stitching at the centre of my Cross Stitch 12×12 fabric

Sewing Machine CrossStitch

I worked around the ivy wreath going mostly clockwise so I didn’t miscount in my stitching.

Sewing Machine CrossStitch

I love the hand crank on the sewing machine.

When it came to framing my Cross Stitch I had a clear vision of how I wanted it to look before I went to the framer. I decided I wanted a clean look because the star of this project should be the Cross Stitch itself, not an ornate frame. I have to say that this vision really helped me when I was faced with all the tempting choices available at Michael’s!

Sewing Machine CrossStitch

Here is a closer look at my finished, and framed Cross Stitch. I think the ivy wreath really makes this Cross Stitch. I love how the thread (ivy) starts at the needle and completely surrounds the sewing machine! I had so much fun doing this that maybe I’ll try to do another in this set. Perfect… a fall to-do project!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

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