Cross Stitch – Sewing Room

Sewing Room Cross Stitch

I started early on Christmas prezzies this year, and I managed to make 2 Cross Stitch. I then had them framed as special gifts for my sister, and my Mom. Mom’s you can see here. My sister’s Cross Stitch all started as a pin that she sent me from Pinterest. I hadn’t done any Cross Stitch since I was in my mid to late twenty’s, but thought … well… how hard can it be? right? And it was for my sister after all! I dug out (and dusted off) my DMC Floss container thinking I could get started right away …umm not quite. Murphy’s law kicked in, and out of all the floss I have not one was colour’s needed for this pattern! Yay! I had an excuse to go to a craft store!

As all of us know our “hobbies” can be so relaxing, and therapeutic. This space can be a wonderful calm retreat away from this hectic world in which we live. My sister is in the process of making her Craft Sewing Room haven. I wanted to give her something for this space that reflects her love of sewing, and includes her favourite colours. I have mentioned before here that my sister loves pink. Erin’s other favourite colour is orange, and she wears this colour combo frequently… and she rocks it! So with Erin in mind I personalized the spool colours to be orange and pink just for her, and her space.

I started with the pin cushion

The pictures above show a time span of about 1 month, or maybe a smidgen longer 🙂


Closeups of each section

Framed and ready to wrap! This year I was finally done before Christmas! Okay, right now I am high fiven’ myself 🙂


I love how this Cross Stitch turned out. I wasn’t too sure of my colour choices, but in the end they went together perfectly! I think what is key here is … less is more.

I’m happy that I went outside my usual routine this Christmas by making a few of my cards, Mom’s Cross Stitch, and Erin’s Cross Stitch. For myself, I find this time of the year particularly busy. I, like so many others, just get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. And what can become a frenzy trying to find the “perfect” gift for loved ones.  This year however, even if just briefly I managed to bring back that feeling of years gone by. What my Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmothers must have felt … a sense of pride in a personal gift made by my own two hands. As it turns out in giving these gifts to 2 people I love I was really giving a small gift to myself.

I truly hope that your Christmas was filled with peace, love, and joy. The magical feeling that only happens at this time of year.

Until next time, I’m wishing you sunshine in your heart wherever you are.

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