How to Iron your Cross Stitch


How to Iron your Cross Stitch

How to Iron your Cross Stitch:

Recently I completed 2 Cross Stitch, and had them framed as gifts. One for my sister’s Sewing Room that you can see here, the other I completed for my Mom that you can see here. I completed my sister’s first thinking I would take it to the framer the way it was (see the left picture above). However, the clerk explained to me that their company “stretches” the fabric but doesn’t iron it. She suggested I remove the ridge made by the hoop with a warm iron. She also added that she thought this might work but she had not actually done this herself. Armed with this somewhat loosey-goosey plan I headed the 25 km back home to dig out my iron. Truth told I think I have used my iron 1 time in the oh say… 20ish years! This really wasn’t the best time to test my iron for rust, leaks, or an array of other things that could go wrong! But time was tickin’, so I threw caution to the wind (not something I normally do) and plugged in my new/old iron hoping for the best!

I made sure my iron was not on steam, and set it on low.

Working on the back side of my Cross Stitch, and only on the ridge. I dabbed my finger into my water-glass.

I then lightly ran my wet finger on the hoop ridge of my project.

I dampened about a 2 inch section at a time.

Then I carefully used my warm iron to press out the ridge. Some parts of the ridge were a bit more difficult to press out. With these sections I applied more water, and pressed again. I did not turn up the iron for fear of scorching my fabric.

I also was careful to not touch the design itself as I didn’t want to flatten any of the floss.

Here is my completed Cross Stitch ready for the next stage, framing. You can see from this picture that the fabric is not completely ridge-free, but it doesn’t need to be as it will be stretched at the framers.

Here is the picture completely done, and as you can see there is no line visible.

Do you have a different way in removing the hoop line left on your project? I would love to hear what works best for you!

I hope you have a wonderful day with time spent doing something you love!

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