What’s On Your Workdesk? A Valentine for Mom

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Hello everyone, welcome to ‘What’s On Your Workdesk?’. I just got back from vacation, and am feeling refreshed and renewed! However, this has set me back on my posting of 3 Valentine’s Day cards I made. So please forgive my being late, here is the first of 3. For this first card I use the clean, and simple design. Although I really love the look of a clean, and simple cards I find the creative process the same as with my detailed cards 🙂

This is my finished Valentine’s card for my mom. I had originally found a similar design while surfing Pinterest (sorry I can’t find it again to give credit). I just loved the idea of a bunch of balloons held together using Bakers Twine!

Here I am setting up my basic design, and working out my colour scheme (you can see by the paper what colours I reached for). I tend to set all of the elements I may use on my desk, and then through a process of elimination narrow down my design. I was thinking of using the heart die, but scrapped that idea because of the embossed heart in the middle.

Deciding on a plain Jane style with my Martha Stewart punch instead.

I used pop dots for the hearts, and carefully using a toothpick put down my glue for the Bakers Twine.

A couple more Heart Balloons for the inside, and my card is complete! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines! To check out my other Valentine cards go here for my sisters, and here for my Hubby’s.

Until next time,

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