Over The Garden Gate – Holy Cannoli!

Hello everybody! For the last couple of weeks I have again been doing my best to encourage a new family, of birds that is, to make a home in Uncle Orrie’s Birdhouse perched 2 stories up on my sunny deck.

Since moving into our condo 3 years ago I haven’t had any success with this venture, but every spring I try, and try! First year I put food out on the hanger just beside the Birdhouse.

I think that failed because we had hundreds of birds daily swooping by the house… after all who wants to move into a house with all that commotion going on! Next year I tried having trees right in front. The idea here was Camo… well it was too much camo obviously, yep again no birds! Next I tried the whole enchilada! Food, Water, tilted blinds (so they couldn’t “see” us) trees, and a flower basket! What more could they want??? Still, nope notta one!

So this year with a faint heart I decided to let “nature” takes its course. What could go wrong with that plan?? Okay I admit I did tilt the blinds as to not scare any already skittish females away. Finally after much patience a little male bird took up his post trying again, and again to entice a suitable mate with his tweets. He did this for weeks, and finally after much tweeting he got the girl!!!! Isn’t she pretty?

AND THEN……. this happened….

It started innocent enough I was sitting talking to my sister at the table, and out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a small plane swooping by my window! Holy Cannoli! I though….what in the blue-blazes was that?? Hey! Wait a minute! Did it just land on my Birdhouse?? There are birds in that Birdhouse! I bolted to my window , and carefully peered through my blinds. And there it was! Yep that’s right! A Hawk the size of a Cessna had come in for landing right on my Birdhouse! A HAWK! Right there! After all my careful guarding, strategic placement, and hard work a HAWK swoops in, and in a second can dash my hopes for my nesting 2015 family! What???

So out I go… cel camera in hand (hence the bad picture) to see just what this guy is up to! In the seconds that followed I could hear chirp, chirp, chirp… chirp, chirp, chirp. Now I don’t know bird language, but I thought either the Hawk was mimicking a bird for a reason that could be nothing but bad news! Or there was a bird inside the house trying to defend its home from this enormous invader perched on his roof! Either way it was going to go bad for the little feathered family! Just as I was self-debating on what to do the Hawk turned, saw me, and with a massive wing span flew right pass me! Which was Super Cool I might add!! Quietly I backed into the condo to let the bird calm him/her self and hopefully get over the trauma.

Here is a closeup of just how big that Hawk was compared to the Birdhouse, which isn’t all that small itself!

Todays update: I am sad to report that the little boy bird is alone again. He has been chirping his little heart out all morning …. and so far no little girl bird has made her way back 😦

maybe later… there is always hope…right?

Well, that is it for the shenanigans here in the bird world for today! If you would like you can see a card that I made based on Uncle Orrie’s Birdhouse you can see it here.

Until next time 🙂

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