Lovin’ Fat Paint!

I recently took a fabulous class on how to use Fat Paint. Kim the owner of  Creative Bliss in Victoria taught this class, and it was funtastic! This class was so informative, fun, and hands on. We painted a picture frame, square panel, baseboard moulding, and a jar. These basic objects simply came alive using the beautiful Fat Paint colour line.

Picture Frame done in Raven & Pistachio

Mason Jar using Warm White

Stencil with Extra Fat using Apple & Buttercup

Baseboard moulding using Fat Speciality Glaze on Cameo Pink

The beautiful Fat Paint colour palette

photo credit The Fat Paint Company

For more information on how to use Fat Paint check out Fat Paint here. You can also check out a great video of the Fat Paint assembly line here 🙂 For those of you who live on Vancouver Island I highly recommend taking Kim’s Fat Paint course to get you started! You can also check out Kim’s Creative Bliss shop here !

I can see that I will be doing a lot of painting in the next while. It is just so much fun! Do you have a favourite paint that you use? What is your favourite style of painting? Do you have a favourite colour preference? Drop a comment below, and let me know. It may just become my new favourite as well :)!

So until next time happy crafting everyone!

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