Christmas Window Display for 2015

Today for my post I thought I would do something a little different. As some of you know, I have a few different jobs that I do outside of my regular full-time job. I started doing window display in the early 80’s. It was a passion that I have carried with me through all of these years. So this year I thought that I would share my Christmas window that was done at Pitt and Hobbs in Sidney. You can check out Pitt and Hobbs site here to see more about this wonderful store.

Erin (Pitt and Hobbs store owner), and I went for coffee to plan what the window basic design would be. This was my rough sketch of our combined ideas. This part of the process is quite fun. You can just let your imagination run wild! Sometimes it pans out, sometimes not! Fun, none the less! Erin took her to-do list, and I had mine to pull this window together!

I took the rough sketch, and drew out a design in my exercise book. I also made a few notes to help remember what goes where in the window. This really helps for a reference point for us to look at as we go along during the setup.

Here my husband (Pat), and I are do a loose layout for sizing and placement. The window that I am leaning through was made by Erin’s husband Al. It was a perfect size for this window display! Erin isn’t in this picture (she was the photographer), but we all put in a huge effort to get this window completed!


It is hard to see in this picture but Pat, through much trial and error, hung a snowflake right above the Foe’s head. This made it so the little one was looking up to something. I thought it was a beautiful touch to this display!

On the inside of the home we used Erin’s wonderful small table, and a chair that she Fat painted warm white just for this layout! The tree is by Patience Brewster, and filled with fun whimsical ornaments. A cup of Hot Chocolate, a few cards and a pen finish off the small table. This was to give the feeling of  a cosy indoor space to write out Christmas cards while looking outdoors at the snow-covered trees.

This was the completed window. I think it turned out beautifully. It was done by a combined effort of 4 people, Erin, Al, Pat and myself with a vision. I would like to thank all for your help with this window! It is the best Christmas window to date!

I would like to take a moment, and thank you for taking the time to visit me here at my blog. It means so much to have you here, leaving comments, and sending me emails! Thank you so much.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and all of the best for 2016!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Window Display for 2015

  1. Jessi, I think you are such an artist it boggles the mind. This is the most beautiful window in Sidney for sure and one of the best you’ve ever done. Thank you.


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