Bokeh style!

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Sunshine in your Day! This week I decided to try a technique that is popular at the moment called Bokeh. Bokeh is an effect that is used in photography and has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”. I found this technique intriguing because it has a slight ghosting effect to it. Subtle as it maybe it seems to draw ones eye into the detail. This technique involves watercolor, and pigment ink. Yay! Another reason to dig out my watercolors!

This is my finished card. I decided to let the Bokeh effect shine by keeping this card clean, and simple.

I am using my Gansai watercolor pans here (#32, #40, #31). The brush I decided on was a gift from my sister, a #8 Sapphire. First I taped down my Ranger watercolor paper with Frog tape. Then I liberally applied clean water to the paper. This is an important step as it is the vessel that moves the watercolor paint around the paper. So don’t skimp on the water here 🙂

When I was happy with the Watercolor I heat set it to dry. I made sure it was really dry before starting this next step. For the Bokeh effect I used VersaColor White Pigment Ink. For the circle I used my Spellbinders circle die, and cut 4 different sizes from a acetate sheet. This is what I used as a stencil for the pigment ink.

I worked my way around the card layering the circles on top of each other. The larger circles I did lighter while the smaller circles I did with a bit heavier hand. The idea is to make the smaller circles look slightly closer.

Here is my finished Bokeh effect. I love the look from the side. The circles seem to stand out from the background!

I went about pulling together the rest of the card by embossing my sentiment on top of a stitched circle. I tried to pull the circle theme throughout this card. I LOVE circles,… and dots… and watercolor! 🙂

So again this is my finished, fun Bokeh card ready for the mail. This is an interesting technique, and I’m glad I gave it a try! Have you done any Bokeh cards? If so send me a link below I’d love to see them!

Until next time I hope you have a wonderful week.

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