Envelopes using Distress Ink Watercoloring

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Hello everyone, welcome to Sunshine In Your Day. I am doing a quick post on the envelope that I did for my Aunt Helen’s card. You can see the card here. For today I will just be focusing on the envelope. I first got this idea from a post I read by a fantastic artist named Kristina Werner. I was intrigued by her style, and wanted to give this technique a try. If you would like to see Kristina’s original post you can find it here.

This is my completed envelope. For this envelope I used a few techniques. First I used Ranger Distress Inks as my Watercolor. Next I used Spatterning to get the darker spots. Finally I used water droplets to lift out some of the color. This gives an interesting ghosting effect to the watercolor. Also, these addresses of course are not real. I put them on just to show how the envelope would look when finished.

I prepared this envelope using watercolor paper, and my Envelope Punch making a 4.5 x 6 sized envelope. I masked off the word Helen using a Molotow 2.0mm masking liquid. Then I taped down the paper to my wooden board. This is to help prevent warping of the paper as it dries. The Distress Inks I used for this project were Tumbled Glass, and Peacock Feathers. I just LOVE this 2 together on pretty much anything!

Once I was happy with the larger colored area I decided that I didn’t like the white space. It seemed to over power the envelope. To fill in this space I did a Spatterning technique. By loading my brush with Peacock Feathers, and quickly tapping the brush on my index finger I could spread light spots over the paper. This helped fill in the white, and give it a more balanced look.

Next I sprayed water from a mister into my hand then lightly dropped the water on the blue around the word Helen. I let this sit until I could see the color under the water lifting from the paper. This took about 30 seconds, or so. Then I took paper towel and lightly dabbed the paper to absorb the water droplets. With this done I carefully peeled back the Frog Tape, and my envelope was ready for scoring. To hold the envelope closed I used Multi Medium Matte glue, also from Ranger. This is a super strong glue that dries matte. Perfect for this envelope!

So here is my card, and envelope for Helen. I got to try a few new techniques that gave great effects, and I know I’ll use in the future.

I hope that you are having a wonderful day wherever you call home 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to see my watercolor!

Until next time,

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