HOW-TO’s, and TIPS,

This page is designed to provide you with various how-to, tips , tricks, and techniques that I have come across. Some are my own ideas, while others are not. I give credit to the author if it is available.


Paper Piecing:

Paper Piecing is a technique using card stock, or patterned paper to create embellishments for your cards. They can come from a simple design, or intricate patterns. You can see examples of my cards  Sending You Sunshine, and Rain, or Shine using this technique.

This is how I accomplish Paper Piecing with my projects.

1) First I stamp my image on a blank piece of paper.

2) Then I stamp my same image on a patterned piece of paper.

3) To finish I then cut out the patterned image. This cutting process is known as Fussy Cutting in the paper crafting world.

4) I then adhere the patterned image to the blank image using a glue stick.

I use this technique on many of my cards to add colour, patterns, or an interesting focal point. Paper piecing takes a bit of practice, and a good pair of scissors! The scissors I prefer to use for this type of precision cutting are Cutter Bee, and Singer. Both have the fine points necessary for getting into smaller details of a stamped image. Once you master Paper Piecing it can add such a fun element to your page, or design!

Basic Organizing:

I found with my initial way of organizing my inks, pearls, and glitter glue (on a shelf in my room) didn’t work well. I would fine a great sale on an ink pad, bring it home only to find that I already had that great colour already in my stash. So I decided to get organized, and stop doubling up on products I already had! Now I use charts to keep my stash, and myself organized. You can see exactly how I use these charts on my post called Organization – Inks, Stickles, and Glitter Glue. Posted below are blank colour charts for you to use to keep your stash organized. Just click on the chart you would like. Save the chart to your computer, print it off, and your ready to get organized!

I will add to this page as I have other how to’s, tips, tricks, and techniques so check back here to see updates!


How-To: Using a Stamp-a-ma-jig by Kurtis Amundson.

     This is the type of Stamp Positioner I have, and this is an easy tutorial on how to use it.

How-To: Embroidery 101 by Organic Gardening in Sidney

     This tutorial focuses on the basics of embroidery. From how to iron on transfer patterns, to the basic stitches needed to start simple embroidering.

How-To: Using Art Impressions Front and Backs by Art Impressions .com

     These stamps are so fun I could see owning quite a few sets!


Tim Holtz Distress Inks, and matching Copic Sketch Markers:

I have a special chart to share with you from Raining Grace. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a good chart that matches my Tim Holtz Distress Inks with my Copic Sketch Markers. Well Jana has made a great one, and I wanted to share it here with you!

Just click on the chart. Save the chart to your computer, print it off, and your ready to go!


I will add to this page as I have other how to’s, tips, tricks, and techniques so check back here to see updates!

Until next time, I’m wishing you sunshine in your day!

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2 thoughts on “CRAFT TIPS

  1. thanks so much for the color charts! i have printed and used the blank one for various ink manufacturers. you are so generous for sharing!


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