Chart to match up Tim Holtz inks, and Copic Markers
How to: Paper Piecing

Tim Holtz Distress Inks, and matching Copic Sketch Markers:

I have a special chart to share with you from Raining Grace. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a good chart that matches my Tim Holtz Distress Inks with my Copic Sketch Markers. Well Jana has made a great one, and I wanted to share it here with you!

Just click on the chart. Save the chart to your computer, print it off, and your ready to go! 

I hope you find this chart to be useful with your inks, and markers. I know I’ll use it when trying to find that perfect colour!




Paper Piecing:

Paper Piecing is a technique using card stock, and/or patterned paper to create embellishments for your cards. They can come from a simple design, or intricate patterns. You can see examples of my cards  Sending You Sunshine, and Rain, or Shine using this technique.

This is how I accomplish Paper Piecing with my projects.

1) First I stamp my image on a blank piece of paper.

2) Then I stamp my same image on the patterned piece of paper you would like to use. Note: Stamp this image on the patterned side, otherwise it will be backward to what you need. I made this mistake the first time I tried to Paper Piece 🙂

3) To finish I then cut out the patterned image. This process is known as ‘Fussy Cutting’ in the paper crafting world. I use good pointy scissors! I prefer to use for this type of precision cutting Cutter Bee, or Singer. Both have the fine points necessary for getting into the smaller details of a stamped image.

4) I then adhere the patterned image to the blank image using a glue stick, or a tape runner like a ATG.

I use this technique on many of my cards to add colour, patterns, or an interesting focal point. Paper piecing takes a bit of practice, and a good pair of scissors! Once you master Paper Piecing it can add a fun element to your page, or design!


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